Suggested workflow for managing Qualitative research using OpenMeta and tags.

by ikera

The inspiration came from ProfHacker. Here is my suggested workflow:

  • Transcribe and breakdown your sources into short txt files.
  • Apply OpenMeta tags via Tagit to each txt file. You can also batch-apply tags to many files simultaneously.
    • Ideas for tags: concept, focus, source, rating, theme, description, importance
    • You can apply tags to any filetype.
  • Dive in. Group, separate, combine, delete, categorize etc. Just make sure you can track-back your sources and that you aren’t lost throughout your references.

Search for Tags through Spotlight/Finder

Searching “This Mac”




Easy, isn’t it?

Suggested free apps

Tagit : Ironic Software

On sorting, tagging and other nerdery –

Ultra-informative mindmap by Mr Tagging – MindMeister Mind Map

Tags and geekery

OpenMeta tags are supported by our favorite geek-related apps:

Default Folder X
Notational Velocity
Noodlesoft | Hazel

Full list here: OpenMetaApplications – openmeta – A list of applications that use OpenMeta. – OpenMeta is an OS X standard for adding tags, ratings, and other metadata to files. – Google Project Hosting